[OSM-talk] Yahoo WMS server?

Chris Browet cbro at semperpax.com
Sat Dec 6 10:04:19 GMT 2008

> The Yahoo guys are happy with OSM using their imagery, but we just don't
> know
> about microsoft.

AFAIK, even if Yahoo! tolerates that OSM uses their satellite imagery, they
still insist we use their own AJAX API to do so.
As Frederik pointed out for JOSM, it is a PITA for Merkaartor to show Yahoo
maps thru a javascript API rather than going straight to the tiles, but it
is what we have to do.
IMHO, even if a potential Yahoo WMS proxy uses their API, I don't think OSM
using the WMS would meet their condition of use.

> (For the record: I have my doubts about Google maps imagery)

I'm pretty sure Google denies any derivative work on their imagery. Same for

- Chris -
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