[OSM-talk] Google/OSM comparison - visualised

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Sat Dec 6 10:29:55 GMT 2008

I have taken Bernard's original visual comparison (location data) and Alex's scoring (numerical comparison) and produced a map to visualise the results of the comparison.
The result can be seen at:
I have tried to remove any capitals that were mis-placed or incorrect, and obviously am using Alex's somewhat subjective metric.
The size of the circles are proportional to the values for both, so small is poor coverage and large good. The overlap of the circles shows who appears to be doing better (orangey/brown showing means that osm is doing better, blue google).
The geo-located data table is available from the link on the site.
Thanks to the Geocommons Maker! service this was quite easy to achieve, although I would have like to be able to show results on a combined scale from +5 (for osm 5, google 0) to -5 (osm 0, google +5), with 0 for equal, but couldn't find a way of using a bi-polar colour scale for point data in the software (having calculated a new column in the spreadsheet).

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	At CloudMade we have been doing a lot of research and comparison into
	the quality and completeness of the map but more focussing on Europe and
	the USA. So it is very interesting to see this and see just how far
	ahead we seem to be in less developed areas.
	I would be very interested in looking through that spreadsheet Alex,
	could you send it over to me. Perhaps I will go through the list myself
	and do some rankings and we can compare results.
	Ed Johnson
	talk-request at openstreetmap.org wrote:
	> Captials in Europe are done very well (Vaduz is an exception)
	> >
	> > In South America OSM is far behind Google
	> >
	> > In Afrika the winner is OSM
	> >
	> > In Asia it's mixed.
	> >
	> I ran through the whole list, ranking the quality of the map for each of
	> OSM and Google on a scale of 0-5. (0 meaning that the map is blank or
	> only the name appears, 5 meaning that it doesn't seem like anything is
	> missing from the map)  Assuming I did a good job of ranking, OSM is
	> slightly ahead of Google worldwide and in in Africa and Asia.  In
	> Europe, OSM is well ahead.  Google is slightly ahead in Oceania, and
	> well ahead in North and especially South America
	> Here are the results (I can provide my rankings in a spreadsheet as well
	> if anyone is interested):
	>               OSM     Google
	> World         2.64    2.50
	> Africa                2.02    1.78
	> Asia          2.62    2.36
	> Europe                3.90    3.38
	> N Am          2.17    2.77
	> Oceania               2.19    2.35
	> S Am          2.36    3.21
	> -Alex Mauer "hawke
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