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Chaitanya Kuber chaitanya.kuber at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 11:17:06 GMT 2008

The only OSM App for the iPhone I have seen is one called OSMTrack. It  
sells for 99 cents or some such price.


On 28 Nov 2008, at 17:30, John McKerrell wrote:

> On 28 Nov 2008, at 17:21, graham wrote:
>> John McKerrell wrote:
>>> I should've mentioned the other day that my iFreeThePostcode app is
>>> now
>>> live on the app store, you can see it here (opens in
>>> iTunes) http://icanhaz.com/freepost... <http://icanhaz.com/freepostcodes
>>> It's had quite a few downloads so far but I've yet to hear from
>>> Dominic
>>> Hargreaves whether there's also been a worthwhile increase in
>>> submissions.
>> What's the current state of iphone apps? Having released it through
>> the
>> app store, can you also release the source or is there still an NDA
>> that
>> stops you? And is it possible to put it in cydia as well as the app
>> store? (I'd like to gradually stop using the app store and only use
>> free
>> apps via cydia, though that's not too practical yet)
> I believe that I'm able to release the source, and I will be doing so
> just as soon as I get around to writing a blog post announcing it :-)
> I haven't really had much to do with the jailbreak stuff so far,
> haven't found a need, I can see that if I tried releasing something
> through it that they might get sniffy about my official app store
> account, but if I release as open source then there should be nothing
> stopping someone else from doing it really.
> John
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