[OSM-talk] addressing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 8 21:41:32 GMT 2008


SteveC wrote:
> "nodes on a way but not a relation" schema needs to have  
> addr:street=foo on the addressing way ?

The original idea was to (by default) assume that the street name is the 
"name" tag of the nearest highway (i.e. no addr:* required), and that 
you can optionally set addr:street on the node to make it 100% clear.

But meanwhile - mostly because it is so easy to do in JOSM - many people 
simply tag the whole shebang (addr:country, addr:town, addr:post_code, 
addr:street, addr:house_number) onto every house node. It adds 
redundancy but that is not necessarily bad - gives the OSM inspector a 
chance to find fishy corners, and makes everything really simple for 
anybody dealing with the data.

> addr:housename needs to be added, or addr:housenumber needs to be  
> explicit that it can be a name, or made a more generic term to  
> encompass both

The JOSM presets already supply addr:housename even though (to my 
surprise) the wiki page doesn't list it.

Agreed that the Wiki page needs a makeover, ideally by someone who 
writes better English than the assorted band of Germans who did the 
initial version ;-)


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