[OSM-talk] addressing

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Dec 9 13:37:13 GMT 2008


Matt Amos wrote:
> sure, editor support isn't 100% yet, but why re-create a poor-man's
> relations with name-based references, when we already have "proper"
> relations?

In my eyes an address is not a relation. It comes close, but a house 
*can* have an address that has nothing to do with the road that passes 
it. The address "31 So-and-So Street" does not mean that this is the 
31st house on So-and-So Street, it doesn't even necessarily mean that 
the entrance is via So-and-So Street or that it is in the vicinity of 
30, 32, or 33... I view an address as an individual attribute of a 
certain property that is often similar to addresses of neighbouring 
properties, but need not be.


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