[OSM-talk] addressing

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Dec 9 13:28:33 GMT 2008

> i prefer using relations, but clearly both methods have merits.
> how
> hard is it to support both?

Having read this discussion I know of a location locally where both
methods are probably required. There is a road called "New Way"
where the houses on one side actually have postal addresses of
"Eastern Promenade", although there is no vehicular access to the
"front" of these houses. Tagging the nodes with addr:street=Eastern
Promenade, but then using a relation to link the nodes with "New
Way" seems the perfect solution. At present I've only added the way
with a note about the properties on one side having a different
street address, rather than actually marking any of them.


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