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2008/12/9 Douglas Furlong <douglas.furlong at gmail.com>

> 2008/12/8 SteveC <steve at asklater.com>
>> I'd like to throw a quick question in here, now that this is being
> discussed, and people with a much better idea of tagging and related issues
> are reviewing the thread :)
> I live in an area of London that has a massive number of residential tower
> blocks, some having 10 flats, others having over 100.
> What would be the best way of putting in these house numbers, so that they
> can be mapped?
> Linked are two examples where i've put address data in, so that if nothing
> else it is stored, but it's not being drawn which is a pity, and problem
> wouldn't be brought up on a search.
> http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.478197&lon=-0.110314&zoom=18&layers=B000FTF(you'll need to view the data, as they buildings are not rendered).
> http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=51.53264&lon=-0.09008&zoom=17&layers=B000FTFT
> I'd love to be able to put in the buildings and where possible easily map
> the house number ranges.
> Any idea's?

You'll see that some buildings in that view are showing up... they key
difference between the ones that are showing up and the ones that aren't is
that the ones that are have the building=yes tag... the others don't...
Adding the building tag would allow them to be rendered and recognised as
buildings... In the osmarender layer the numbers would even show up...

The numbering however would be an issue with those there...

The interpolation scheme is specified as being a linear way containing at
least two nodes with numbers... So, for example, on the building that has 1
- 21 Mandela street, the building could be tagged as it is now, but without
the interpolation tag... This should then be rendered in osmarender as 1 -
21 over a solid circle...

Alternatively, if each of the numbers is reachable from the street from one
end of the building to the other on the side facing Mandela Street, you
could create an additional way over that edge of the building containing 2
nodes, 1 at each end, the one at the lowest numbered end with a housenumber
of 1, the one at the highest end with a housenumber of 21 then the way
itself having the interpolation tag set to all... What would be rendered by
osmarender then would be a 1 at one end and 21 at the other with a line,
potentially dotted or dashed, not sure, joining them... A tool to locate an
address should in theory then be able to guestimate how far along the way a
specific number is using this...

The final (best?) approach would be to tag each individual house number by
it's entrance, so if this building has 7 entrances with 3 flats per entrance
you could add a node for each entrance to the building, tagging the first
entrance as 1-3, the second as 4-6 etc...

This should all be fine for places that have street addresses, but, I'm
struggling with tower blocks or other buildings that are part of private
estates at the moment which I've posted on the wiki about here...

Anyway... hope that helps...

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