[OSM-talk] Seasonal Roads?

Colin McGregor colin.mc151 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 18:40:38 GMT 2008

I tossed this out to the talk-ca list, and didn't get a response, so
let me toss this out here...

About a week and a half ago I was in Toronto, Ontario's west end near
the Humber River, and I saw (but didn't map), a service road that runs
beside a section of the Humber River.

Now mapping a service road is not an issue, but what makes this one of
interest is that it is closed to motorised vehicles during winter, and
during winter serves as a pedestrian trail. In other words a seasonal
road, so, question is how to tag a road like that? It does serve as a
pedestrian trail year round, but during summer cars are allowed... Tag
it as a trail or tag it as a service road?

Obviously not the only sort of seasonal road we have in Canada, I'm
thinking about the ice roads in the arctic, where for most of the year
you might be talking a lake, but for several weeks each year when the
ice gets thick enough, tractor trailers trucks will be running along
well defined routes over the ice... Again how to tag a road that is
only in operation for a certain part of the year?

Yes, I have seen :


that would kind-of/sort-of address the above issue but for now what do
people suggest?


Colin McGregor

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