[OSM-talk] A new version of GpsMid has been released

Kai Krueger kakrueger at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 17:26:35 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

we are pleased to announce a new version of GpsMid, with many new
features since the previous release.

GpsMid is a fully offline vector based map application for the mobile
phone using OpenStreetMap data. Some of the key features supported are
a freely zoomable map with the ability to search for names, search for
the closest points of interest of a given type, use both external or
internal GPS receivers, record GPX tracks, management of waypoints,
voice based navigation, geotagging of pictures and audio, as well as a
highly customizable map style sheets.

GpsMid works on a large variety of of smart and feature phones that
can run Java midlets, so hopefully it will work on yours as well.

New features in GpsMid 0.4.51:

- Rotating  the map in the direction of movement for easier orientation
- Osm2GpsMid GUI for easier map creation
- Display of one way arrows and street names in the map
- Auto reconnect to a bluetooth GPS receiver to increase robustness
- An odometer to show how far you have gone during track recordings
- Improved waypoint entry for geocaching
- Recording of audio from within GpsMid for audio mapping.
- Geotagging of pictures taken with GpsMid
- Improved routing with voice instructions (still somewhat experimental)
- Many more small improvements and bug fixes

If you are interested, more information and the program itself can be
found on our website (http://gpsmid.sourceforge.net/) or on the
project webpage (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gpsmid/). To get
GpsMid running on your phone, simply download the Java program
Osm2GpsMid to your PC. You then specify which area you want included
in the map and give it a .osm file. From this Osm2GpsMid will bundle a
ready to use midlet that can be copied to your phone and run.

If you just quickly want to give GpsMid a try and don't want to create
a midlet yourself yet, there are some pre-bundled sample midlets
available on the website (London, Berlin Munich and Hamburg)  which
you can download and directly copy onto your phone. There is also a
workable demo app on the website in case your browser supports Java

we hope you'll enjoy the new release and are happy for any feedback
you might have,

The GpsMid team

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