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The OSM-F Local Chapters working group met earlier this week to discuss
setting up.... Local Chapters.

What are local chapters?

A Local Chapter is an official group of OSMers within a specific territory
that is able to officially represent the OSM-F.

Why do we need local chapters?

Over the last 12 months many OSMers, especially those outside of the UK,
have expressed interest in setting up official, local groups so that they
can represent the OSM-F when talking to journalists, dealing with companies
and governments, arranging mapping parties and conferences.  From the
Foundation's point of view, establishing Local Chapters will help to spread
the load of work and will lead to the growth and development of OSM in new

Who can set-up a local chapter?

A Local Chapter will have a similar organisational structure to the OSM-F.
It will consist of a board of directors who should be democratically elected
by the memebership.  We'll let you know more details as they are decided,
but for now if you are interested in setting up or being involved with a
local chapter, please drop me an email (nick at osmfoundation.org)

What is the timeline for setting up local chapters?

All dates are approximate and depend on the number of review cycles the
agreement goes through.

* Draft Local Chapters aggreement in please for OSM-F viewing by 22nd Dec
(OSM-F Board Meeting)
* First draft available for public comment in early Jan
* Review comments Jan-Feb
* Present revised edition to OSM-F for approval - Feb
* Setting up of first local chapters, driven by local chapters themselves-

Who is in the Local Chapters Working Group?

Nick Black (Chair) - nick at osmfoundation.org
Mikel Maron - mikel_maron at yahoo.com
80n -  80n80n at gmail.com
Henk Hoff - henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Simone Cortesi - simone at cortesi.com

Want to help out?  Got something to say?

Please email nick at osmfoundation.org or reply to this thread.


Nick Black
nick at osmfoundation.org
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