[OSM-talk] Disable Potlatch finally.

Hendrik T. Voelker hvoelker at nutrimatic.de
Tue Dec 16 12:29:29 GMT 2008

Hiya Gerd.

Gert Gremmen wrote:
> "Well, if you have an alternative online solution to share with us I'm
> sure you will find plenty of willing testers."
> In other words:
> If you do not code:  shutup !!

That is a gross misinterpretation I think. And some short sighted assuptions 
from others.

I very often just forget that not everybody working on a geeky project like 
OSM does not write programs also. And in many Open Source projects it is 
common to tell people to just go ahead and make it (better).

So see it as a friendly reminder that the intention of everybody should be do 
make it better and to do one's share instead of only demanding that others 
should fix it - what ever it is in the given circumstances.

> I am a mapper, not a coder.
> I thought OSM was meant for mappers first, 
> and coders will facilitate the mappers.

It is an open community that does want to make free maps. With a bit for 
everyone who wants and can help and facilitate. Mapping and coding are just 
two aspects of it. Not to mention the editors and moderators, aber ...

> ooh that hurts....

It hurts even more to shout at "us", too ;)

> If a tool has serious problems it needs someone pointing at it.

It also need a detailed description of the problems. Programmers are often 
blind to the user interface side, or simply overloaded.

> I am volunteer to catch the flames. 

If there is something I'd like to avoid than it's a flaming war. A productive 
discussion would bring us all more.

I agree that it is very often difficult to state problems without (negative) 



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