[OSM-talk] Disable Potlatch finally.

Steven Le Roux steven at le-roux.info
Tue Dec 16 15:55:24 GMT 2008

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 1:23 PM, Kenneth Gonsalves <lawgon at au-kbc.org> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 5:33:18 pm Gert Gremmen wrote:
>> If a tool has serious problems
>> it needs someone pointing at it.
> point out the problems - dont throw away the tool. AFAIK potlatch is the
> public face of OSM and the biggest converter of bystanders into mappers. And
> for me it is a blessing whenever I have to attend a long and boring meeting.
> At the same time, I use josm when mapping an area with a lot of detail
> because my 2 GB machine cannot handle potlatch. No potlatch == no new
> recruits.

I disagree this point. I never used potlatch, because when I tried, my
couple firefox/debian reminds me it doesn't like flash... which is
actually unusable.
So im not familiar with potlatch...( is each editing frame downloading
the osm base to see if there is ways or nodes ?  cause there are a lot
of doubles cause by potlatch, or link untagged...)

this is maybe why I feel close to Gert here... because all the
pollution, all errors, all unwanted editings are done with potlatch...
so the shortcut could be easily done. (It's not statistics... it's
experience... )

The fact is... it's true... only patches can correct that. BUT ! for
the moment... is-it normal to give a that easy access to a tool which
could cause data loss ? or data pollution...

Why not prefering to consider other solutions ? Why not downloading
josm as a java web start app and give in the link the bbox from the
browser ? has that question been discussed by the past ?

 It's not about disable potlatch, but we have to admin it needs love...

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