[OSM-talk] getting ewms to work?

graham graham at theseamans.net
Fri Dec 19 00:30:29 GMT 2008


I use josm for my editing but hadn't used it for a while - in
particular, the yahoo imagery with the wms plugin. So I rather dumbly
thought I should upgrade the wms plugin before I started, without
checking if that was ok. Now I find it is no longer using firefox, but
webkit. I'm really unclear about how to set it up to work, and the wiki
page is pretty minimal. It recommends installing gnome-web-photo, for
which there isn't a stable version for my computer (running gentoo).
Same with webkit-gtk.

Does anyone have the new version running on gentoo? Talk me through it?
(off-list, I guess). Alternatively, is there a copy of the old plugin I
can revert to anywhere?


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