[OSM-talk] uh ho... paranoia abounds

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at sxpert.org
Thu Dec 18 23:05:25 GMT 2008


chrb writes "Following on from the discussion about Apple disabling GPS 
in Egyptian iPhones, we have a new case of the conflict between the 
traditional secrecy of government, and the widening availability of 
cheap, accurate GPS devices around the world. On 5th December, two 
software engineers employed by Biond Software in India were arrested for 
mapping highways using vehicle based GPS devices. Further evidence 
against the pair emerged when it was found that a laptop they had been 
using in the car contained some photos of the local airforce base. The 
company claims they had been commissioned by Nokia Navigator to create 
maps of local roads and terrain. Following an investigation by the Anti 
Terrorist Squad of Gujarat the cartographers have now been charged with 
violating the Official Secrets Act and will remain in custody."

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