[OSM-talk] Using GeoBase images for openlayers for OpenStreetMap and OpenAerialMap

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 23:11:47 GMT 2008


OpenAerialMap started as a project about a year ago, when I was working
> with some aerial data provided by a number of sources. Instead of putting
> together all of the different sources, I was interested in combining them
> into one world-coverage basemap, to act as an "open" replacement for the
> Google Maps imagery layer for purposes where the highest resolutions are
> less important, or other data can fill in the gaps.

As the subject says Using GeoBase images for openlayers for OpenStreetMap.
Currently we use the Yahoo Aerial imagery, it would be great to be able to
use imagery from many other sources (this is just in the idea phase)

  * The process of adding data to OAM was, practically speaking, impossible
  for anyone who was not an expert to follow. There are a number of
  technical reason for this, but I think that it is completely reasonable
  to say that these problems can only be resolved by participation in the
  project from people who are at least vaguely knowledgeable about working
  with large geographic data.

Perhaps GeoBase would be able to be of assistance? Afterall, GeoBase made
the WMS server available so others can use.  My guess is they would be able
to help, as it would be of great benifit for all the other government
agencies, to be able to use a slippy map, containing all the GeoBase data.
(images, map road and features)

  I would suggest that what the project really needs is a way to upload
  data to be processed by the OpenAerialMap server itself, rather than
  depending on users to upload 'appropriate' data. This means developing
  a processing queue to convert data from any available format to one
  more suitable for use in OAM. The discussion of what is 'appopriate'
  for OAM requires further discussion as well.

Best Regards,
Christopher Schmidt


Perhaps i'm a little off, my suggesting that the aerial map  be treated the
same way that tiles at home gets treated... where it is another layer which can
be used.  But instead of grabbing the data from OpenStreetMap, it grabs the
data from each different government WMS servers, and each of the sources for
the Aerial imagery & satellite imagery.

The KDE project for Marble Desktop uses OpenStreetMap as a base map, i would
think that they would be interested in possibly hosting all the aerial
imagery, and perhaps the governments maps also? .. i'm not sure what they
currently use for imagery.

The purpose of using this valuable aerial imagery would be 3 fold.  1- for
map users to be able to use the imagery to be able to trace over for map
areas which have not been mapped yet.  2 - for the community to be able to
enhance the current state of the map with freely available data.  3 - for
the OSGeo community to be able to use the very detailed government map, and
be able to have it as a source for whatever applications it gets used on.
(sorry, i don't know any other applications for OpenSource Geographical
information, than openstreetmap - as it is a breed of it's own.)
 However this doesn't mean that OSM can't make use of even better

Look forward to any replies of interest, as this is just another Idea i'm
floating. :-)

Sam Vekemans
Across Canada Trails
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