[OSM-talk] Inheritance of roles in nested relations

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Dec 20 07:39:04 GMT 2008


Hugh Barnes wrote:
> So it's occurred to me if I tag a role for a bus stop ("stop") in a
> "child" relation, and then include that relation in the larger route
> relation, does the bust stop have the role "stop" in the "parent"?

No, the bus stop is not known the the "parent" at all. Way 1, in your 
example, is not part of Rel 7.

> If you say "it's up to the client application", that's fine.

I guess it would be possible to create a "relation viewer" that 
recursively downloads child relations and somehow makes a whole from it 
for display/use. It's just not something that would work on a general 
level - just for specific relation types.


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