[OSM-talk] I've added some amenity values to "Map Features" based on tag usage

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Sun Dec 21 09:44:56 GMT 2008

I wrote:
> From that I've so far used
> amenity=dog_bin

d replied:
> I don't like the sound of that one... Is it for dogs to 
> use or where you put your used dogs? :/

I'm not sure whether this is tongue in cheek, or where you are, but in the UK (or at least this bit of it) it is an offence for dog owners not to clean up any solid waste that their dogs leave in public areas, punishable by fines. To assist with this (some) councils provide bins for such bagged waste to save the dog walkers the hassle of carrying it home to get rid of it. Not all do, alas, so on my mapping walk yesterday around some local meadows I still had to watch where I was walking. And one dog owner who walks their dog along our street has been seen bagging up the waste and then disposing of the bag in a handy front garden (my stepdaughter spotted her once doing so in our garden and took the bag back to her).

In the area I was in yesterday, and the recreation ground I was looking at, the dog bins are more numerous than the litter bins. 


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