[OSM-talk] I've added some amenity values to "Map Features" based on tag usage

D Tucny d at tucny.com
Sun Dec 21 12:50:10 GMT 2008

2008/12/21 Ed Loach <ed at loach.me.uk>

> I wrote:
> > From that I've so far used
> > amenity=dog_bin
> d replied:
> > I don't like the sound of that one... Is it for dogs to
> > use or where you put your used dogs? :/
> I'm not sure whether this is tongue in cheek, or where you are, but in the
> UK (or at least this bit of it) it is an offence for dog owners not to clean
> up any solid waste that their dogs leave in public areas, punishable by
> fines. To assist with this (some) councils provide bins for such bagged
> waste to save the dog walkers the hassle of carrying it home to get rid of
> it. Not all do, alas, so on my mapping walk yesterday around some local
> meadows I still had to watch where I was walking. And one dog owner who
> walks their dog along our street has been seen bagging up the waste and then
> disposing of the bag in a handy front garden (my stepdaughter spotted her
> once doing so in our garden and took the bag back to her).
> In the area I was in yesterday, and the recreation ground I was looking at,
> the dog bins are more numerous than the litter bins.
I've never heard of them called dog bins before... There was a certain
amount on tongue in cheek in my reply... A waste bin is for putting waste
in, a waste paper basket is for putting waste paper in, a recycling bin is
for putting recycling in, etc... so a dog bin, following the same logic
would be for putting dogs in... Dog <insert work meaning excrement> bin
would make sense... Or Dog waste bin in a more general sense, or to
generalise even more incase of non-dog pets that may be found, pet waste
bin... Just trying to suggest clear tagging :)

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