[OSM-talk] Announcement: Second City, Birmingham, and its surrounds completed

Andy Robinson (blackadder-lists) ajrlists at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 23 09:37:11 GMT 2008

It is with great pleasure, and not just a little excitement, that I can
announce that the mappers in Birmingham having set the task of completing
the whole of the city by Christmas have achieved just that.


Birmingham and the area inside the major motorways which has been mapped,
including Solihull and Sutton Coldfield, has a population of approximately
1.25 million. The achievement is somewhat similar to that of Hamburg,
announced a few weeks ago. The major difference is that Birmingham does not
have any Yahoo! aerial imagery, thus the whole of Birmingham has been mapped
by GPS and many hours of cycling, walking and driving by the major

About 100 mappers have been involved in completing the whole work, although
the vast majority has been contributed by just a handful of OSMers. The list
of the major contributors can be found on the mappa mercia wiki page. 

I'd like to say a specific thank you to Brian Prangle (brianboru) and
Christoph Böhme (Xoff) who joined me over the last weeks to complete the
Christmas target, they weren't the only ones, but without their efforts we
would never have made it!

As a group (the OSM Midlands User Group (MUG)) we are planning how to
promote the Birmingham map and will be meeting at our monthly social to
discuss ideas on January 15th. We have jointly lots of interesting ideas to
explore, some of which are on the wiki. After the 15th Jan we plan to put
out a wider media release.

Of course the mapping work doesn't end here. We still have plenty of POI,
verification and address data to add in Birmingham plus there is still much
work to be done in the coming year to complete the "Black Country", Walsall
and the area to the west of the M5.

Cheers and Happy Christmas

Andy (blackadder)

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