[OSM-talk] google wms

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Dec 25 21:48:23 GMT 2008


Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> perhaps the welcome screen of JOSM could point out which WMSs can be used. 
> Yes, I know newbies should read the docs, but goog is all pervasive and it's 
> the first thing they turn to when it comes to maps.

Which WMSes would that be, and who would be the person to decide what's 
in and what's out?

For example, I personally think that OpenAerialMap is a perfectly 
suitable source to trace objects from. Others say OpenAerialMap is evil 
because it cannot be ruled out that people georeference stuff they 
upload to OAM with Google.

And I would not want to overrule anyone: If YOU feel it is not ok to 
trace from OAM, then don't do it. If YOU feel it is ok, then feel free 
to do so. Don't ask JOSM whether it's ok or not.

Even tracing from Google images is ok (according to Ed Parsons @ SOTM 
'08) as long as you have a sufficiently strong relationship with the 
area you're tracing, e.g. you have travelled down the Amazonas in a 
canoe and now trace your journey or so.

We're unlikely to be able to list all "allowed" WMSes. We might single 
out a few that are certainly "not allowed" but then this would only make 
people think that everything else must be ok!

The constant part of the JOSM startup screen is here:


freely editable in a trac wiki without having to register. If you feel 
the need to change the message "Don't copy from other maps" to something 
else (or replace the "golden rules" paragraph by something better 
altogether), feel free to do so.


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