[OSM-talk] Your whishlist for Debian Packages?

Andrew Chadwick (mailing lists) andrewc-email-lists at piffle.org
Mon Dec 29 02:24:28 GMT 2008

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Tettnang/Germany) wrote:
> as most of you probably know I'm providing debian packages for the most common 
> tools needed to work with OpenStreetMap. 
> What I'd like to know is:
>    - which additional tools from the osm-svn would you like to see added to
>      the debian repository?
>    - which other debian based platforms would you like to see suported?
>      examples would be: debian-etch, Ubuntu-xx, ...

Joerg, hi --

I'm putting together a package of osm2go - a simple mapping tool that 
should be nice for small screens and low-powered devices - for non-Maemo 
debian-based systems. You'll find my work so far in 
https://garage.maemo.org/svn/osm2go/ under branches/ports/debian.

What's the next step towards adoption? Organise a mentor, I assume. Any 
pointers? "Get trunk to stop shipping a debian/ directory" is on the list...

Andrew Chadwick

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