[OSM-talk] Gosmore problem

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Tue Dec 30 16:36:40 GMT 2008

Recently I've been having a problem building pak files and transfering them 
to my Windows devices.

Gosmore on my Linux machines (Ubuntu 8.04 and Xbuntu) works fine.

Gosmore on my Windows XP & Windows CE machine works fine using the pak files 
supplied from http://nroets.openhost.dk/countries/

However, recently, if on my Linux machine I build a pak file using my own 
OSM data, and transfer that pak file to the Windows machines the road names 
do not display properly, and I get the following error reported :

(gosmore.exe:852): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to 

I had no problems until after October 2008.  Any help would be appreciated.



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