[OSM-talk] Maritme borders

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Tue Dec 30 21:44:08 GMT 2008

> In Europe a number of maritime borders have been tagged recently as 
> national
> borders, with boundary=administrative and admin_level=2.
> Exactly what is tagged varies:
> North of Norway: A part of the exclusive economic zone
> Finland: 24 mile contiguous zone
> South of Sweden: Looks like an approximation of the 24 mile contiguous 
> zone
> Denmark: 24 mile contiguous zone
> Germany in the Baltic Sea: Seems to be territorial waters, but I have not
> checked the ED50 coordinates given in the source with the actual points
> Germany in the North Sea: Old 3 mile territorial waters?
> The Netherlands: Source is AND? Line approx 1 mile of the coast, unsure 
> what
> this is.
> Belgium: 24 mile contiguous zone
> Italy: The coastline, but some places into the sea and other places on 
> land.
> Greece/Turkey: Only tagged where islands from both countries are close to
> each other.
> This is, at best, confusing and, at worst, wrong. The territorial waters 
> and
> contiguous zones have very different legal status from a national border,
> you can for instance pass through the territorial waters of a nation 
> without
> any border controls. Some details are in the Wikipedia article for United
> Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
> I would suggest that maritime borders are not tagged the same way as land
> borders. Should we have a new tag for maritime borders? Stop tagging them?
> Ignore the problem?

The UK, Ireland, France and Spain also have ways around their coasts - but 
only tagged as FIXME=robot-generated-12nm-border 

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