[OSM-talk] Maritme borders

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Wed Dec 31 00:37:07 GMT 2008

On 30/12/08 21:44, Richard Bullock wrote:
>> This is, at best, confusing and, at worst, wrong. The territorial waters 
>> and
>> contiguous zones have very different legal status from a national border,
>> you can for instance pass through the territorial waters of a nation 
>> without
>> any border controls

Some land borders, e.g. between Ireland and the UK are like that. No
border control.

>> I would suggest that maritime borders are not tagged the same way as land
>> borders. Should we have a new tag for maritime borders? Stop tagging them?
>> Ignore the problem?

I think maritime borders should be in OSM. I can't really think why they
should be tagged differently. They are a boundary=adminitrative, and
they do have an admin_level of 2 ....


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