[OSM-talk] Maritme borders

Steven te Brinke s.tebrinke at student.utwente.nl
Wed Dec 31 09:44:26 GMT 2008

The maritime borders clearly are administrative and probably are 
admin_level 2. However, on the wiki Iceland has defined the EEZ to be 
admin_level 1. I think it should be possible to distinguish country 
borders from maritime borders, so IMO these borders should have an 
additional border_type tag (or something similar) and we should clearly 
define the admin_level of these borders.


PS The incorrect tagged country border of the Netherlands mentioned by 
Gustav is the province border (1 km of the coast). Unfortunately the 
official publication of the Dutch maritime borders is licensed.

Rory McCann schreef:
> On 30/12/08 21:44, Richard Bullock wrote:
>>> This is, at best, confusing and, at worst, wrong. The territorial waters 
>>> and
>>> contiguous zones have very different legal status from a national border,
>>> you can for instance pass through the territorial waters of a nation 
>>> without
>>> any border controls
> Some land borders, e.g. between Ireland and the UK are like that. No
> border control.
>>> I would suggest that maritime borders are not tagged the same way as land
>>> borders. Should we have a new tag for maritime borders? Stop tagging them?
>>> Ignore the problem?
> I think maritime borders should be in OSM. I can't really think why they
> should be tagged differently. They are a boundary=adminitrative, and
> they do have an admin_level of 2 ....
> Rory
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