[OSM-talk] Invisible coastline errors in Potlatch

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Wed Dec 31 17:40:18 GMT 2008

I am trying to track down some remaining coastline errors around the  
world and have found a few that show up curious errors in the tools....

Dodgy circular ways

There are a number of islands off the Swedish coast that are showing  
up as errors:

If one switches to a OSM view (http://www.openstreetmap.org/?zoom=16&lat=57.80195&lon=11.66246&layers=B00 
) one can edit them. Using 'h' I can see that they haven't been  
touched for months, however if I click on them the tagging looks fine  
and the way is shown as circular.

Here is the history of one of them:

Notice that the way appears to be a triangle, but that the way has  
four points on it.

If it does have an extra segment in the way then why does it show up  
as a circular way in Potlatch? The simples thing will probably be to  
delete them and recreate them but I though it was worth pointing it  
out first.

Invisible coastline near New Orleans

There is a coastline error near New Orleans where the red dot (between  
Paradise Point and the river) doesn'.

If one switches to an OSM view (http://openstreetmap.org/?zoom=16&lat=30.27647&lon=-89.69569&layers=00BT 
) and clicks 'edit' then there appears to be nothing at the point in  
question in Potlatch.

Curiously, the coastline point appears in the data layer (as a small  
red dot) http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=30.27632&lon=-89.69603&zoom=16&layers=0B00FTF 
  but not in the PotLatch edit view. It seems strange for this not to  
display in Potlatch (which is an editor with a lot of good features in  
it btw, even if there are some shortcomings too - I don't want to open  
a Potlatch bashing session here).

Can someone with suitable tools delete this one in about 24 hours, but  
lets leave it so people can take a look at it first.

+180* to -180* problem

Do we have a general problem with features can cross the 180/-180  
longitude line. There is one island north east of New Zealand that  
does this and then there is Antarctica itself. Not sure if this is a  
problem with the editing tools, or the DB or what.



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