[OSM-talk] Invisible coastline errors in Potlatch

Shaun McDonald shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk
Wed Dec 31 18:10:51 GMT 2008

On 31 Dec 2008, at 17:40, Peter Miller wrote:
> Invisible coastline near New Orleans
> --------------------------------------------------
> There is a coastline error near New Orleans where the red dot (between
> Paradise Point and the river) doesn'.
> http://tile.openstreetmap.nl/coastlines.html?zoom=16&lat=30.27647&lon=-89.69569&layers=00BT
> If one switches to an OSM view (http://openstreetmap.org/?zoom=16&lat=30.27647&lon=-89.69569&layers=00BT
> ) and clicks 'edit' then there appears to be nothing at the point in
> question in Potlatch.
> Curiously, the coastline point appears in the data layer (as a small
> red dot) http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=30.27632&lon=-89.69603&zoom=16&layers=0B00FTF
>  but not in the PotLatch edit view. It seems strange for this not to
> display in Potlatch (which is an editor with a lot of good features in
> it btw, even if there are some shortcomings too - I don't want to open
> a Potlatch bashing session here).

http://openstreetmap.org/browse/way/22359503/history looks like it is  
a 2 node way. Seems that there is a bug in Potlatch, causing it to not  
show the coastline here.


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