[OSM-talk] correctly mapping avenues

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 10 12:21:46 GMT 2008


> Since trees lining a way/street are such a common occurence, why
> not have a simple additional tag to the main road.
> lined_by_trees=yes/no/left/right

I'm a bit unhappy about needlessly inflating the importance of the
direction of ways. Long-term, I would actually like to get rid of the
direction and express everything in relations. The reasons for this

(a) the direction is too easily changed, sometimes by mistake

(b) there might be multiple conflicting things that rely on the
    direction, e.g. a road that is oneway from A to B but has a
    slope from B to A

Anything with "left/right" in it also relies on direction. I'd prefer
"east/west/north/south", or using an explicit relation that says
"trees on the right between nodes A and B along road C".


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