[OSM-talk] Parking symbols: YUCK!

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 12:51:50 GMT 2008

Lester Caine skrev:

>Do you have to re-write the renderer every time someone 
> comes up with a new conflict?

Short answer : Yes.

Long answer : The renderer operates on a subset of the data contained in 
  the DB. It is up to the operator of the renderer to extract and 
possibly massage that data into a format that the renderer can utilize.
It is not the place of the renderer to impose limitiations or rules into 
what is in the DB, since the the DB is/might/will be used for other 
tasks than just rendering maps.

This is similar to the previous discussion this month, where someone 
wanted to impose limitations on what charactersets could be used for 

All together now, repeat this months mantra after me : "Implementing 
non-DB technical limitations and rules for content in the DB is bad, 
recommendations and smarter algorithms in renderers are good."


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