[OSM-talk] Gpx: non-public traces in JOSM/Potlatch and milliseconds in timestamps with JOSM

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Tue Feb 26 12:33:28 GMT 2008

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        Jukka Rahkonen <jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi> wrote:

> I was editing Finnish user manuals for Potlatch and JOSM and started to think if
> I have understood right that raw GPS data from non-public GPS-traces are
> downloadable with JOSM, but not with Potlatch. I am sure that JOSM behaves that
> way (you are not asked who you are when downloading, just when you upload), but
> does anybody know if I am right with Potlatch?

No, you're wrong. Potlatch fetches all the points the same as JOSM does.

Potlatch does have a separate mechanism that displays a single trace
rather than all points for the area, and that will only work for a
trace that you have access to.

> Another question concerns some gpx files which I have converted from my data
> collector shapefiles. Converted gpx trackpoints have timestamps with running
> millisecond values (for example <time>2008-02-15T12:00:00.012Z</time>)
> While Potlatch shows the uploaded track fine with a neat blue line, the "Convert
> to data layer" function in JOSM does not order trackpoints correctly by
> milliseconds.  Is it supposed to do so or is it just better to make running
> seconds instead of milliseconds?

The server only stores points to 1s resolution I believe, so Potlatch
has no choice in the case where it is displaying all points in the
area. When displaying a single trace it has the original XML file
available so could use greater resolution if it wished.

If you've really got a significant number of points that only differ
at the subsecond level then you're probably logging too frequently
anyway ;-)


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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