[OSM-talk] OpenStreetBugs

Tue Jul 1 16:43:57 BST 2008

Florian L. :
> Rennes is quite far away from where i typically look - I have set a 
> permlink bookmark but sometimes its even easier as this.

I know this is very frustrating.
An idea would be to give a global view of the Europe as a default zoom. 
But with such a low zoom, newcomers could not see any bugs and would be 

> As you seem to set a cookie containing the nickname would it be 
> possible to put some kind of homelocation into the cookie aswell.

That's a very good idea. I'll work on it.

> The permlink seems not to include the layer to be displayed e.g. 
> mapnik vs. osmarender is that intentional?

In the ToDo-list.

Christian K. :
> [...] to add Maplint to the overlays, so Maplint errors can be
> transferred to OSBugs.

Good idea !

Lauri Hahne :
> my main gripe about your program is that bugs can't have different
> severity ratings and that these ratings aren't visible.

Let's see what will be the uses before adding constrains :-)

> The current 'x' icon is very hostile and upfront

So, as a local mapper, it is very grateful to make them disappear (by 
correcting them of course) :-)

> it's a bad idea to use this same hostile icon as favicon

What should I put ?

Simon :
> Are the 'bugs' timestamped, can they be marked as fixed (squashed bug
> icon?) for a few days and then auto-magically disappear?

Thanks for the idea, I made it.
The closed bugs can't be modified and they disappear after a week (to be 
sure that Mapnick is refreshed).


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