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Florian Lohoff flo at rfc822.org
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On Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 05:43:57PM +0200, X wrote:
> > The permlink seems not to include the layer to be displayed e.g. 
> > mapnik vs. osmarender is that intentional?
> In the ToDo-list.

Thanks for beeing so responsive ;) 

2 things i have on my mind but consider them just ideas. One would be as
i already mentioned to convert "FIXME" notes to bugs in openstreetbugs
so we have some kind of auto open of bugs. Probably those could be of a
different priority or even a different icon etc ... It should be
possible just to do this incrementally, processing the osc files from
planet.openstreetmap.org e.g. hourly or daily files. If this fails for
some reason its not a real problem. Either we miss bugs (which are still
FIXMEs) or we miss closes where the problem will be fixed so the bug can
easily be considered done. Also a verification run for old bugs could be
done via the normal OSM API.

The other one would be to load the openstreetbugs into a JOSM layer. So
take the OSB gpx file - do the survey - load the map into JOSM and load
the bugs aswell to show the positions to focus on. 
My guess here is that in the future even my Mum and Dad will probably
open bugs (due to the simplistic interface) and sometimes these will
only be spelling errors or the like. So it would probably not even be
necessary to do survey, just to open the editor so this would make
this type of workflow much faster and simpler.

Making the JOSM stuff bidirectional is really step 2 and i know the JOSM
stuff is most likely not your main focus but just to mention it.

Another idea would probably be to classify bugs from a drop down list.
Looking at the TomTom Mapshare stuff this is really nice. Just the top
10 causes for mapping errors - Spelling, Junction Changed, Road Changed
etc. This could be used to display different icons and make it obvious
what to look for on the survey ;).

When bugs get overhead joining of bugs would make sense. Imagine
beeing able to get into the TomTom stuff and using OSM maps and
diverting the MapShare button to OpenStreetBugs ;)

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