[OSM-talk] www.OpenRouteService.org now supports Bicycle Routing with OSM Data

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Fri Jul 4 18:36:11 BST 2008


very cool indeed.

> - work in progress: tracktype

As a cyclist I'd appreciate it if track with no additional info, track with 
surface=paced, track with surface=gravel, and tracks of type1, 2 and probably 
3 would be taken into account.

> Of course there are other combinations and possbilities and we
> are evaluating those, but this shall serve as a first start ...

What immediately comes to my mind as a feature request for (much :) later 
versions are downloading the caclulated route as gpx track or (optional) 
route and via-points ("Create my a nice bicycle route which leads me to this 
ancient castle, that nice biergarden and those nice fields").

Just my two cents,


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