[OSM-talk] who moved Mumbai?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jul 6 10:43:21 BST 2008


> Re: Need #1, I just tried this and can quantify the main problem.
> The Mumbai Freemap WMS does not seem to be able to use the SRS tag to 
> return requests in EPSG:4326, which the JOSM WMS plugin expects. It is 
> currently returning requests in EPSG:32643.
> Alternatively, the JOSM WMS plugin could be made to make requests in 
> other coordinate systems...

There is one guy who adapted JOSM to the French national projection. The 
trick is not (only) to make JOSM request stuff in other projections, but 
the way exisitng OSM data is displayed on screen has to be modified to 
match this. Talk to pieren3 at gmail.com if you want more detail.

Another possibility is to configure your own installation of the UMN map 
server to act as a re-projecting proxy, so JOSM can talk to your server 
and get WMS images in EPSG:4326 from there, and your server will pick 
the data up from the original server in EPS:32643 and re-project it on 
the fly. Something like this has been done by Sven Geggus 
<lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de> to access WMS servers that only had the 
German national projection.


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