[OSM-talk] Misclassified roads

David Ebling dave_ebling at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 08:29:46 BST 2008

Steve, I would suggest you reconsider doing this.

I would strongly support the use of highway=road for new roads that no information is available for, eg from a trace that was done with a car but no notes were made.

However, by retagging "unclassified" to "road" you are essentially deleting information from the database that you don't know to be incorrect. Sure, if you know the classification is correct, change it, but don't just delete it - it could be correct.

For what it's worth, I work on the following basis for UK road classifications:
* trunk/primary/secondary - as signed.
* tertiary - other roads that predominantly have a white line of some sort down the centre. These tend to be wider roads used by more traffic. I believe OS maps use a similar distinction, and I think it's useful for planning routes, both with a map or automatically.
* unclassified - roads without a centre line. If they are too narrow for passing, I add lanes=1.

On this basis I have mapped a great number of unclassified roads. It would be a real shame if you deleted this information that I had carefully collected.

I accept that there are a large number of incorrectly tagged roads out there, but correct them, don't delete info on the offchance.



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> Following the approval of the highway=road tag, I've
> set about 
> aggressively changing a lot of the highway=unclassified
> roads around 
> Swansea, that I believe are misclassified, to highway=road,
> with the 
> intention that they can then be surveyed and reclassified
> correctly.
> However, after starting to do this, I've realised just
> how many of the 
> roads are misclassified - I'd estimate that well over
> 80% of the roads 
> tagged as highway=unclassified are, infact, not
> unclassified roads.  So 
> I'm wondering about the merits of changing *all* the 
> highway=unclassified roads in the area to highway=road so
> that the whole 
> lot can be classified appropriately from scratch.  This
> would make it 
> obvious which roads really are unclassified and which need
> to be checked.
> What are peoples' views on this?  I imagine that much
> of the OSM world is 
> affected in the same way, and this renders the
> highway=unclassified tag 
> relatively meaningless in it's current state.  Should
> there be a global 
> reclassification to fix this, or is there a better way?
>   - Steve
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