[OSM-talk] Tagging unamed cycle routes following normal roads.

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Thu Jul 10 09:10:42 BST 2008

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 5:32 AM, Simon Wood <simon at mungewell.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> In my wanderings around Calgary I am noting the location of Cycle route sign with geo-located photos, such as:
> http://flickr.com/photos/24244464@N03/2654781444
> Since I can't reference the offical cycle route map (for copyright reasons), how to I enter these into OSM without knowing what relation to put them under. Is it valid to create a single 'marked cycle routes' relation and put all the ones I find in that so that at least they are stored somewhere?

I'd just mark the road as being part of a cycle route, ie: add a
lcn/rcn/ncn=yes tag to it. I don't think a route relation is very
useful unless you can actually say what the route is. Tagging the way
will make it show up on the cyclemap, and if someone can determine the
route at a later time they can easily build the route relation then.

You could also stop passing cyclists and ask them if they know what
route it is. Sooner or later you'll find someone who can tell you...
it may take a while though. :-)

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