[OSM-talk] OpenRouteService.org -- POI-search, GPX download & ...

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sat Jul 12 23:58:10 BST 2008

Hi Pascal,

> Further enhancements of OpenRouteService.org include the
> download of calculated routes as GPX files

thanks a bunch for this outstanding web service. The gpx download renders your 
service into one further "mass compliant" benefit of osm data.

Wee small notes:

* IMO it would be great to have a filename like yyyymmdd, but this might 
depend on personal taste.

* The Garmins have limitations in the amount of routepoints per route. AFAIK 
that's 130 for the etrexes and 250 for the GpsMap 60. Maybe an alternative 
download as a GPX track some day would be fine.

* The route calculation appearently does not take route=ferry into account. 
See this one:

Anyway, it's all whining. The service is exacly what I expect as soon I mapped 
all data in my area: Simply spit out a nice bike route from a to b so I can 
take it with me on my GPSr. Thanks, Pascal!



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