[OSM-talk] OpenRouteService.org -- POI-search, GPX download & ...

Pascal Neis neis at geoinform.fh-mainz.de
Sat Jul 12 23:32:14 BST 2008

OpenRouteService.org now supports POI search, GPX download
of generated routes and enhanced route instructions

Hi list,
searching for specific POIs (locations such as hotels,
restaurants, ATM machines or toilets) is the typical
application for location based services (LBS). For that
purpose the OpenLS directory service specification is
available as open standard. OpenRouteService.org supports
now this interface for searching a wide range of points
of interest wihtin a given distance from any location
(currently only in Germany, UK will be added soon)

Further enhancements of OpenRouteService.org include the
download of calculated routes as GPX files and extended
route instructions for german and english (indicated by de*
or en*): Objects that intersect the route such as traffic lights
or (small) roundabouts are now mentioned in the instruction.
(currently only in Germany, UK will be added soon)


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