[OSM-talk] Joke or what in Åland, Finland?

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sun Jul 13 08:11:37 BST 2008

Certainly looks like it, a native english speaker I would guess from the names of the made up places.  

I recall there was a small legitimate-looking set of real highways, these appear to have been done by a user 'dmx'. Using Potlatch's History tool, there is then a set of edits and editions by a user "anonymous" on the 30th June.  I cannot tell if they are legit or not (no local knowledge). Then there is user "avezaat" on July 8th, it looks as though they have played with the tags but not changed locations.  Probably everything just needs reverting back to June 30th.

I can't get it to work on the nodes though.


At 10:30 PM 12/07/2008, Jukka Rahkonen wrote:
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>Åland islands in Finland have strange places nowadays.  Is this some kind ofjoke or what?  Have a look athttp://openstreetmap.org/?lat=60.23&lon=19.973&zoom=10&layers=B00FTF
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