[OSM-talk] Osmarender: width tag for waterways added

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Sun Jul 13 13:25:42 BST 2008


I just commited a patch for Osmarender (xslt and perl Version) to
honor a width tag for waterways. Currently this is activated for
rivers, canals, streams and drains in zoom-levels 15-17.

Widths need to be given in meters (I know, metric is for idiots...).

For people hacking Osmarender map-feature files, here is how to
activate this new feature. Normal mappers just need to add a width
tag to the rivers they create.

The following attributes have been added to the osmarender line

If set to "yes" a width tag in osm data is honored.

width-tag needs to be in the range given by these values.
If the value of width is less than minimum-width, minimum-width
is used intead.
If the value of width is greater than maximum-width, maximum-width
is used intead.

This allows to apply generalization of the map by scaling the
given width tag to some "false" values.
It is also possible to use this factor to achieve different widths
in line casings and core.



P.S.: Credits go to Christian Koerner for implementing the
osmarender.xsl stuff

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