[OSM-talk] Fieldwork in Grenada

Gervase Markham gerv-gmane at gerv.net
Sun Jul 13 14:34:53 BST 2008

At State of the Map, an initiative was started to improve our coverage 
of the Caribbean, as a little friendly competition with Google MapMaker.

It works like this: people pledge using Pledgebank to spend one hour or 
more adding to OpenStreetMap by tracing over Yahoo! aerial imagery on a 
Caribbean island, and to make a donation of £10 to the OpenStreetMap 
Foundation. This also gives you the chance to go there to do some 
fieldwork. If we get enough people (60), the OSMF will(*) pick one 
pledger at random to go to the Caribbean (probably Grenada) for a week 
or two to get road names, finish the map and do some evangelism.

Sign up here:

To make this work, we need 60 people willing to contribute an hour of 
their time and £10 to the OSMF. If that's you, sign up today!


(*) Or "may". There is no promise, because then this would become a 
lottery. But then, we can't make the fieldworker promise to work on the 
map while they are in the Caribbean either. So it's trust on all sides.

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