[OSM-talk] Fire break advice

David Janda dj at dotcomdave.com
Thu Jul 17 06:19:01 BST 2008

Hello Talk

I see where you are comming from Karl, and it's a good solution.

However, I do feel that a landuse tag would be better, as in my case here in 
Cyprus we have fire breaks that are NOT in a wood or forrest. We have a very
combustable grass about half a meter in height along the mountains that has 
fire breaks.

Also, as a previous post has mentioned, fire breaks are good navigation 
aids, and just having them as a track would not make them stand out. As in 
my case here the vast majority of fire breaks run along a track anyway.

Am busy making ravel arrangements to return to the UK, but next week I will 
make a proposal unless someone has a major objection.

David Janda

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> "David Janda" <dj at dotcomdave.com> writes:
>> And, as a previous post has pointed out, they can be very wide. So, just
>> marking them as a path or whatever will not do I think.
>> A landuse issue?
> I'd say the fire breaks are part of landuse=forest, but are not covered
> by natural=wood:
>                    +- fire break
>                    |
> //================\===/=====================\\  <-
> ||                |   |                     ||   |
> ||                |   |                     ||   |
> ||   wood         |   |   wood              ||  forest
> ||                |   |                     ||   |
> ||                |   |                     ||   |
> \\================/===\=====================//  <-
> ^                                            ^
> |------------- landuse=forest ---------------|
> That's there is a large forest area holding two wood areas separated by
> a fire break.  The woods are "on top" of the forest and the fire break
> is just an empty space in the forest.  There is no need to tag is
> specially, just put a track (with tracktype=gradeX) in if there is any.
> -- 
> Karl Eichwalder

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