[OSM-talk] Rendering name of route relations

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 19:00:42 BST 2008

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 6:07 PM, Gervase Markham <gerv-gmane at gerv.net> wrote:
> Andrew MacKinnon wrote:
>> Recently, it appears that Mapnik has started rendering the name of
>> relations on the map, as if they were street names. For example, it
>> renders the name of the "Cosburn" bus route along Haldon Avenue in
>> this map:<http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=43.6978&lon=-79.31117&zoom=17>.
>> This is clearly undesirable. Could someone please fix this?
> Some relations need to have their names rendered, and some don't. (If I
> have a street, one part of which is One Way, I have to break it into
> three sections to add the oneway=yes. But I still want only a single
> instance of the street name rather than two or three. I believe the
> correct solution to this is a relation, but it would require the name to
> be rendered in this case.
> Perhaps we need a tag for an identifying string for a relation, which is
> not supposed to be rendered?

Umm, no. That would be the wrong way round. What we need is to
carefully process relations individually and only render the stuff you
deliberately want to render.

I think the problem here is that the relations are being unwound into
ways, and the mapnik elsefilter on polylines is picking it up.

But the problem would be why the relations are being processed when
they aren't intended to render. I don't render the names of bus route
relations on the cycle map, despite it rendering cycle route


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