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Steve Hill steve at nexusuk.org
Wed Jul 23 12:58:24 BST 2008

On Wed, 23 Jul 2008, Steve Chilton wrote:

> As Andy notes it is not always easy to see small sections of data at z14
> in Potlatch (which you have to use for NPE work).

No problem - I just thought I'd mention that some on-the-ground review is 
needed for these waterways at some point (although it is better to have 
something there rather than nothing - many of the streams would be very 
difficult to survey unless someone feels like wading the length of them 

Something that would be very useful in Potlatch would be the ability to 
have the background zoom beyond it's highest resolution and just get 
interpolated to fit - the yahoo images are virtually unusable in Wales and 
over-zooming them might make them a bit more useful.

> Could you please use your local knowledge to rectify that particular
> error/alignment?

I'll prod Steve Hosgood (who's sitting opposite me at the moment) since he 
surveyed the area originally. :)
Unfortunately I'm not especially familiar with that area (although if 
necessary I can make a diversion that way one evening on my way home from 

> Because of the problem noted above I actually skipped the main urban
> area of Swansea - as the NPE was too difficult to interpret and the OSM
> data so thick on the ground to make it difficult to work there.

I can imagine.  Also, in city centres, the NPE data is more likley to be 
out of date and doing on-the-ground surveying will be easier so it 
probably isn't as worthwhile anyway.

> Incidentally they are the only two
> significantly densely urban mapping encountered on a virtual trip round
> the whole coastline of Wales so far.

I believe Cardiff has some reasonable Yahoo photos and people have been 
tracing them, so most of the roads are mapped, but I'm not sure how good 
the detail is.

There are a couple of people working the Bridgend/Pencoed area (one of 
whome works as a courier I think, so is doing a lot of on-the-job 
surveying) and they seem to be doing a pretty good job.

It's good to see 9 people in Swansea within a 12Km range of me now - when 
I started mapping I think there were about 3.  Chris Jones (rollercow) can 
be blamed for many of them I think - he's been doing a good job of 
introducing members of the uni's computer society into the mapping effort. :)

> Finally, it is my view that source=NPE is implicitly tagging "for
> review". It is now possible to use the OSMmapper tool from ITOworld to
> check where the tag has been used in your area and consider reviewing
> data there.

Ok, fair enough.  Is the expectation that the source=NPE tag will be 
removed after someone has reviewed the way, even if they didn't need to 
alter it?

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