[OSM-talk] NPE waterways

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jul 23 13:30:21 BST 2008

Steve Hill wrote:

> Something that would be very useful in Potlatch would be the ability to
> have the background zoom beyond it's highest resolution and just get
> interpolated to fit - the yahoo images are virtually unusable in Wales and
> over-zooming them might make them a bit more useful.

This is pretty much a FAQ, but Potlatch just provides what's offered  
by Yahoo by their API, nothing more, nothing less. The ability to  
stretch Landsat on the fly was for a while available through  
OpenAerialMap but I was asked to remove that for copyright concerns.

NPE is a little different because I (not Yahoo) control the source! As  
it stands zoom 14 is pretty much the original resolution of the scans.  
It might be nice to offer them at z15 for ease of editing - it's not a  
priority for me, but patches are of course welcome. :) (Ideally to the  
source, not to Potlatch - I don't think it's the client's role to  
monkey with the imagery; that should be offered by the tile server.)

> Ok, fair enough.  Is the expectation that the source=NPE tag will be
> removed after someone has reviewed the way, even if they didn't need to
> alter it?

Certainly I've done that in the past if I've cycled/driven down a road  
previously sourced from NPE alone.


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