[OSM-talk] House numbers... One more suggestion

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 25 18:12:54 BST 2008


> I added one suggestion to the "House Numbers" page. It's the eighth one.
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Proposed_features/House_numbers

I find that very confusing.

I'm using the "Karlsruhe Schema" 
and if you want to start mapping house numbers withtout endless
discussions, I recommend you just do the same. The house numbers will
even show up on Osmarender z17, albeit in a sort of "debug" view which
will have to be improved.

The Karlsruhe Schema has multiple facets. We assume that in the long 
run (long! run!) we will have all building outlines in our database
anyway, so each building will simply be tagged with its house number
and that's that. Until that happens, the Karlsruhe schema lets you
place individual nodes for individual house numbers, or use
interpolation between nodes placed at street corners. These
interpolation rules are explicitly modeled as a new way connecting the
nodes, which may look a but unusual at first but (a) it's going to go
away once editors learn how to "dim" these lines and (b) it's going to
go away once we have each house separate.

Your suggestion of using "house_number:W_L" and such is asking for
trouble IMHO.

> - it will save a lot of time: entering street names and THEN numbers doubles the number of visits, and so on.

This is not true, at least not generally. The initial mapping is often
done by car or bike where you cannot be expected to record house
numbers, even if you only want to record those at an intersection. 
House numbers typically require visiting the area on foot or at least,
if by bike, then with a lot of extra time. Also, house numbers may
be entered by people who live in the area and don't even have a GPS.

So no need to rush.


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