[OSM-talk] Milestone

Steve Chilton S.L.Chilton at mdx.ac.uk
Mon Jul 28 18:47:49 BST 2008

Just noticed that this weekend it is exactly a year since I submitted my first mapnik style patch.
In the following 12 months I have submitted a total of 45 patches with multiple additions/changes (nearly 1 per week).
In that time the style file (XML) has moved from 1641 lines to 5220 lines.
However, the serious point is that there is a lot to be done (viz recent mailings).
I have a list of "challenges" that include, in no particular order:
rendering variable river widths
sorting out repeating road names
overlapping road artefacts (eg more major road coming to a roundabout on lesser road)
locks and lock gates
the whole POI inclusion issue
dots for amenties not yet symbolised but named
rendering roads in proportion to lane numbers
Originally we relied on Artem for all mapnik stuff, and subsequently several other people have done changes to mapnik styles, but only intermittently. Recently it sems to be only me, wheras I get the impression that more folk are hacking on osmarender.
So, if anyone feels like getting their hands dirty and doing some collaborative work on mapnik style improvements then just drop me a line.

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