[OSM-talk] House numbers... One more suggestion

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 28 19:07:38 BST 2008


> If things are clear, and if there is a consensus about using this Karlsruhe schema, let's have a vote on it.
> This will make things easier: we would then have a clean situation. This would enable people to enter the data.

I don't think you have fully understood what I was saying. The Karlsruhe 
schema is being used, and people are already enabled to enter the data.

They are free to choose any other scheme they think works better. It 
would be trivial to support more than one house numbering scheme in 
renderers and editors; there's no need try and force people into using 
the Karlsruhe schema if they don't like it. All I'm saying is, it's 
there, it works, you can use it if you want, or you can continue 
discussing it on the Wiki, as people have been doing the past 23 months.

> We may also adapt the tools then, e.g. create a function in JOSM that "explodes" a way by creating parallel ways (for each continuous segment) with pre-filled tags (street names, and so on) so that entering data is easy enough.

There's already some support for the Karlsruhe schema through tagging 
presets (under "places"/"house numbers"). The fields are pre-filled with 
the values you used last, so it's quite suitable for tagging multiple 
objects on a road. More editor support is planned for JOSM, with the 
option of switching to a "house number edit" mode. The tool you suggest 
could be investigated but I'm wary concerning the number of nodes placed 
on the helper lines that way, esp. at intersections.

All this is possible and works without a vote, although of course you 
can have one if you want.

I'm sure the Karlsruhe schema does not work for all types of addresses, 
e.g. what I have heard of India where people say that some addresses are 
structured like "the second house on the left after the big tree" or so. 
But then the Karlsruhe schema is not intended to become an ISO norm ;-)


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