[OSM-talk] Split into "map" and "data" projects, was: Re: Actually using OpenStreetMap and the usability of thecurrent maps

Henry Loenwind henry at loenwind.info
Tue Jul 29 08:17:47 BST 2008

Someone wrote:
> let's keep
> the focus on filling up the database

> I'll give 100% support to the 20%, the 80% should wait some more or
> better still try to do some mapping, somewhere, anywhere!

That sums it up rather nicely. OSM is only about collecting data, people 
that are interested in using the data are not really welcome very much.

So I propose to start a new project, that is about using OSM data only. 
Transfer the current renderers and maps to the new project, and maybe it 
would be possible there to et up a server farm, so people interested in 
different rendering styles can concentrate on the rendering styles and 
not on the problem of serving them.

Anyone interested? That new project would first need people that have 
time to organize it (I really don't have), and people to raise or 
provide funding.


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