[OSM-talk] Milestone

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 29 09:30:39 BST 2008


> Well, there was a discussion on IRC today among some of the T at H chaps  
> along the lines of "what we really need is a benevolent dictator, like  
> the Mapnik stylesheet has".

Strange t at h chaps they must have been, since *not* having a benevolent 
dictator is one of the key differentiation factors between t at h and 
Mapnik (the other being the - usually - lower turnaround times in t at h 
but the Mapnik camp is in the process of fixing that I believe).

Tiles at Home is our map offering for mappers, Mapnik is our map offering 
for the rest of the world. This means that Tiles at Home will always tend 
to look less pretty but be closer to the data. But if you start mapping 
lampposts in your city and you don't have an EC2 server at hand, 
Tiles at Home is your chance to put them on a slippy map and show them to 
others - which has served the project well IMHO.

So if you were to set up a style commission for t at h, it would lose one 
of its main reasons for existing.


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